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A taste of what’s to come

A taste of whats to come

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  1. Gabriella Loo and Robert Cook says:

    Hi Estelle,

    This is an amazing piece!

    To introduce myself, I am a research assistant helping Robert Cook put together a book that celebrates the past 15 years of the Tom Malone Prize. We’re currently contacting all past artists involved for studio shots, of their space or them working in it. If you could send us any high resolution images (300 dpi, tif. format, ideally 5MB minimum) that you would like to be considered for publishing that would be great.

    We require images by the 30th of November at the latest.

    Many thanks,
    Gabriella Loo

    • Japan says:

      HI Gabriella,
      so sorry for not replying. I have only just found this email on my website. I have been in the uk for a few months and was only just now been able toaccess the website (international lockout by the provider 🙁 )
      Thank you for asking

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